Thursday, August 18, 2005

I have not updated this in almost a month! I am so terrible! I have had a lot going on in my life since my last blog. My husband began working long term, long distance. I hate when he is away on these long trips, I miss him so much. The tables seem to have turned. I came to visit my family and I was going to take a swim due to the sweltering heat. I got into the pool only to have broken my ankle. I have been laid up for just one week and it has seemed like an eternity. My son has had his world turned upside down over night and he is adapting very well. He is teething and exploring the world around him. Sometimes I wish that his world never expanded beyond his backyard. I feel that it would be easier to keep him safe if he were with an arms length but I know he will never grow into the potential that he is possesed with if I cradle him forever. I feel bad when he falls and gets bumps and bruises. I have no idea how I am going to handle a girl breaking his heart. I am staying with my parents during this time because I require constant help and my son a constant play mate. My mother in law cannot do this because of her health so I am a great distance away from home. My husband is so sad and misses my son and I but I am afraid of going home and not being taken serious or taken for granted. I have to heal 100% or I could end up with permanent damage or arthritis if I do not heal. I am so worried about being pushed to heal quickly. I am doing what I can with the help of family to stay off from it and keep it elevated along with rest. I have only been in the wheelchair for a week and I feel a whole different perspective. I will have to elaborate later on that. I am off to bed for now.