Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What a beautiful day! This morning my son and I went for our usual morning walk, but we went a different way. It was not too hot this morning. There was slight breeze and the sun was shining. It was at the verge of making the shade feel a bit cool. The different route that we took led us along the main street and through the shaded sidewalk. My son seemed very interested in the change of scenery. Not having gond this way before I was not familar with objects along the way. I knew that there was an Acordian player on the end of the old route and there was a house for sale half way, but I did not know about the sprinkler up ahead. I was walking along, and the sprinkler just came across and briefly spit on us. My son was so tickled. He sqirmed in his seat and let out a squeal of glee. What a wonderful way to start our day. We continued on our way. I just walked until I realized how far we had to walk back. I had said hello to some people along the way. I noticed how friendly everyone here appears. Lots of young mom's like myself and just generally friendly people. I was walking along the sidewalk on the way back, and the sun had come out more so there was not as much shade. My attention was drawn to the sun coming through the trees. I saw one little sliver of sunlight peeking through the trees as I moved along. I thought maybe my necklace had caught the ray of light, but to my surprise it was tucked away in my shirt. I watched the ray of light as it shown on my clavical bone. I felt like a small ant under a magnifying glass. At that moment, I felt as if God were appearing to me. I felt as though the ray of light was touching me, leading me back home. Today I felt as though God wanted to let me know he was there watching over me. It was such a beautiful overwhelming feeling. During the time in which I watched the ray follow me home, I felt no fear, no worries, just happy to be here, alive.
I just want to say that even though we go through rough times, really rough times, death, fear, all the challenges of life, he is still there. Keeping watch. We pray knowing that he hears us, but get mad when think he did not hear us. He is always listening. The answer might be no, maybe yes, or not right now, but he is always among us. Today he proved to me what has been said all along, "The Lord works in mysterious ways."


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