Wednesday, July 13, 2005

This is my first posting. This will probably be the hardest and roughest of drafts. I am starting this due to the recommendation of a good friend (thanks Stefan) and my husband. He wanted me to use live journal, but I think I prefer this. I am starting this in the hopes of getting some things on paper and maybe into a book someday. I used to think that I led an ordinary life but then I realized that I am far from ordinary and have a lot to share. I will have to decide to where I begin and what about. I have soo much I want to share but there is also that fear nagging me like a thorn about sharing. I have grown up unusually, but did not know it until now. I am finding myself and I guess that would be the real reason I decided to keep this blog. I am on a journey to healing my past and accepting who I am now and who I am going to be. I picked probably the worst of situations to do changing and journeying in. I am married with a small child, living with my in-laws. See what I mean. I guess I will start where things stepped out of ordinary and into the unordinary. There will be everyday posts too but they will just be intertwined with my recollections of my past.


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