Friday, July 15, 2005

It sure was hot today! I love going for walks in the morning and at night with my family, but tonight we had to wait until the sun was pretty much set before going out. This humidity is terrible. Although, we waited until that late in the evening, we still came back soaked through our clothes in sweat. Anyway...
I was playing on the playground during recess. The girl who slapped me across the face, during class, had rounded up a band of girls who shared in her hate and dislike for me. On the playground that day, they were taunting me and chasing me and picking on me. The Aides on the playground ignored the situation at hand because they agreed with her and her clique. I decided to go the bathroom to try and escape their bullying. I was in the stall trying to sort out what was happening. I heard the door squeek open. I quickly quieted myself and listened. I managed to see through the gap in the door and wall of the stall and saw two of the girls who were sent in to represent the clan of bullies. They began to peek under the stalls to see if I was in there. I was trying to hide and they were seeking me out like hawks to prey. They found me and started chanting Danielle's a N-I-G-G-E-R over and over. I had never heard this word before. I did not know what that meant. I knew it had to have meant something mean if they were saying it to me, and when noone was around. I never asked what it meant, I was too ashamed of being the definition of what they had called me. I looked it up in the dictionary only to find that it confused me. I did not fit the description. I did not know what to think. I wrote them off as being stupid. I understand that today fully. I hate their ignorance and prejudice. I hate the fact that they were taught to hate me. I resent the fact that this learned ignorance is going to be taught to their children, unless by some miralce they see through their faults and come to their senses. I doubt it! I hope that someday the lightbulb comes on to show them how wrong they were toward me.


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